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Elderly service of ELCSS-HK was started in 1984, aiming to provide one-stop service with respect, love and care to the elders residing mainly in Tuen Mun, Shatin and Kwai Chung district with fourteen service units in total, including District Elderly Community Centre, Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, Day Care Service, Care and Attention Homes for the Elderly, Home Help Service Teams, Enhanced Home & Community Care Services, Community Information Technology College ,etc.. Specialized healthcare and medical services are also provided through collaboration with multi-disciplinary professionals. 

To meet the needs of the elderly, we have also developed lots of innovative service projects, such as “Life Story”, “Music for Heart”, Pain Management Service, Continuing Education for Elderly People, Home Support Team of The Integrated Discharge Support Program for Elderly Patients, Community Medical Care Service Team, etc..

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Faith Home Care
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Room 2910, 29/F, Metropole Square, 2 On Yiu Street, Shatin, NT
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Funded by mother organization

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Faith Home Care provides comprehensive home help and care support services for the citizens (espeically elderly, disable people and others with special care needs) living in New Territories East.