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Our vision is having community farms in every districts of Hong Kong. Living in a metropolis like Hong Kong, citizens are always too busy to pay attention to what they eat and where the food came from. Having community farms in the neighborhood enables citizens to not only learn about organic farming, but also inspires them to think about their relationship with mother nature through growing their own food. We endeavor to encourage citizens to better cherish the natural resources that they might have taken for granted.

Community farms also supply fresh and nutrient-rich vegetables to the neighborhood. This is very sustainable as storage time and transportation is shortened and carbon emission is minimized. Additionally, local vegetable varieties can be preserved and passed onto the future generations through growing continuously in the community farms.

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Grow Something
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We provide organic vegetable garden set-up and management service. Our mission is to educate Hong Kong citizens about the positive impact of adopting a healthy eating habit and being environmentally friendly through teaching them how to grow their own food.