Beyond Classroom - Own Your Future

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About Us:

Beyond Classroom: Own Your Future is a program created to fulfill the transferrable and technical skill lessons that current educational system lacks. Providing a holistic equity knowledge, experience and training program to children from low-income family is what we strive for.

Our program embodies all the elements to have a better future. After children finish our program, we will continuously follow up with evaluation, recommendation, and planning strategy to ensure they succeed.

Aside from giving a better future to the children, we always aim to provide employment for those who are in need, such as early retiree with low education and disability.

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Beyond Classroom - Own Your Future
9438 1101
Room 1101B, 11/F, President Commercial Centre, 608 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, KLN
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Asset injection from business field

Product and Service

Our program will mainly divide into two levels; each level has two categories, each category contains several divisions; and each division include multiple subdivisions.

Two levels: primary schoolers and secondary schoolers
Two categories: inner core and outer core

Inner core: communications, organization, self-enhancement, mind & body, crisis management
Outer core: life kit, career kit, motor skill

Communication: listening, presentation, rhetoric, teamwork
Organization: prioritizing, planning, strategizing, execution
Self-enhancement: flexibility, etiquette, self-control
Mind & body: focus, relaxation, awareness
Crisis management: prevention, response
Life kit: money & finance, basic computer skill
Career kit: Internship & seminar, traits matching
Motor skill: typing, crafting, coding