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LHK Day Care Center - Cordial Place

About Us:

LHK Social Service Limited is a non-profit organization with the aim to provide services to the elderly and disabled people in Hong Kong. It established LHK Day Care Center - Cordial Place in May 2020 to provide quality care to the elderly community.

SE Information:

LHK Day Care Center - Cordial Place
2661 6800
2661 6806
Shops 318-319, Commercial Centre, Cheung Shan Estate, Tsuen Wan, NT
Funding Source:
Asset injection from business field

Product and Service

LHK Day Care Center - Cordial Place is a day care center providing home-based and center-based care services for the elderly. It is a recognized service provider of Community Care Service Voucher (CCSV) and is committed to providing quality care for the elderly community who are ageing in place.