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Mustard Seed Bakery

About Us:

Mustard Seed Services Limited is a social enterprise established by St. James‘ Settlement in 2002.  The notion of Mustard Seed comes from a parable in the Bible denoting we can grow up from small beginnings as long as we believe we can.   Adopting business-like operation model and sustainable development practice as mission, ‘Mustard Seed’ bakery can cultivate diversified skills to create more job skills training and employment opportunities for disabled members.

SE Information:

Mustard Seed Bakery
2117 5844 / 9515 3812
3104 3638
Room 1, 12/F, Jockey Club Social Service Building, 100 Kennedy Road, Wan Chai, HK
Funding Source:
Funded by mother organization

Product and Service

  1. Production and packaging of food according to customer requirements
  2. Develop our own brand of cookies, chocolate, bread, cakes, fruit tea and herbal tea
  3. Customized gift boxes and products
  4. Rehabilitated people participate in production, packaging and retailing
  5. Search and develop other business opportunities that align with our mission