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About Us:

The Illuminant (鐵樹銀花) is a self-finance social enterprise set up in 2018. Our visions are to integrate Japan's Kaigo concepts, practices and experience into Hong Kong elderly-care services and local community, so as to develop a culture and environment where the older people can live an easy, independent life with the support of neighborhood.

Our Chinese name "鐵樹銀花" literally means "Silver flowers blossoming on the iron trees", it is an analogy to our belief that"Being given a supportive care environment, the aged can shine in their late-life despite being vulnerable".

Throughout these years, The Illuminant strives to promote elderly and dementia care in the community and enhance services quality of the industry through Movie Screenings, VR experience workshops, Training and Talks, as well as Consultant Service, The Illuminant is also the sole agency for "CareNin" screenings in Hong Kong and Macau.

Until 2022, about 4000 people have attended our elderly care training or workshop and more than 4000 audiences have joined our "CareNin" screenings.

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The Illuminant Company Limited

Product and Service

Services provided by The Illuminant:

  • "CareNin" series Movie Screening
    "CareNin" series are Japanese movies about "Care Work", "Family Care Givers" and "Dementia". Its first episode "CareNin-Thank God You're here" (CareNin 1) has been receiving high compliments among the Japanese and their Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare for its rare story setting and inspirational theme since it first on show in Japan. Later when the second episode "CareNin- The Flower in your heart" (CareNin 2) released in 2020, the series has soon become the training materials to lots of elderly care institutes, schools and corporates of tertiary sector.

    Since The Illuminant introduced "CareNin 1" to Hong Kong, apart from public screenings, we also conduct private screenings for NGOs and training institutes. The feedback reveals that the movies Is widely regarded as inspirational from both individual and institutional perspectives which offers an insight into care; it also breaks the stereotype and enables the audience to understand the diversity of care. In 2020, The Illuminant brought "CareNin 2" to Hong Kong and continue its public education through institutional and community screenings.  
  • VR Dementia Experience Workshop
    The first VR dementia experience program in Hong Kong. The workshop enables participants to experience daily lives of the people with Dementia from the first person view, with trainer's debriefing and interactive discussion and put themselves into the world of dementia. The tailored-content with localized Japan Kaigo concept and caring skills fulfills different learning needs from general public to professionals.
  • "Kaigo X" Training Series
    "Kaigo X" series is a training suitable for all the professional and frontline workers of elderly-care and rehabilitation industry in Hong Kong. It brings the localized Kaigo knowledge to the participants, allow them to learn Kaigo from different perspectives and integrate the ideas into existing/ upcoming services with limited resources.
  • Japan Kaigo Exchange Tour (With Tour Consulting Service)
    The Illuminant works with the local travel agency, organizes on-site Kaigo learning in Japan for Hong Kong NGOs and provide professional consultant service. We help the participating organizations understand the operation mission and strategery behind the elderly services in Japan and facilitate in-depth ideas exchange.