Social Enterprise Business Centre


About Us:

Revitalization of the spirit and logo of "made in Hong Kong": sustaining the techniques of Hong Kong garment industry and keeping the workers' spirits up.  Empowerment of workers: an enterprise participated, managed, operated, organized and produced,  ALL by Hong Kong workers.  Conscientious Consumerism: promoting responsible shopping and stopping the invasion of "sweatshop products".  Responsible Corporatism, Social Unison: enabling workers keep developing their techniques; unemployed and senior workers can regain their esteem.

SE Information:

3974 5007
Room 01, 3/F, Block C, Chung Hing Industrial Mansion, 2-4 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong, KLN
Funding Source:
Asset injection from business field

Product and Service

Environmental-friendly: mainly using natural materials and recycle "potential waste" and turing them into sustainable products.  Economical: giving used materials a new life.  Creative: changing waste into new and stylish products, giving used materials new faces.