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"Life Tree" Training and Caring Escort Service

About Us:

Barnabas Charitable Service Association Limited serve the female drug addicts since 1981. We help girls get rid of drugs based on God's love and gospel. However, it is difficult for rehabilitees to get a job after they left the hostel. We set up the social enterprise in 2019 with an aim to provide career related training and job opportunities to rehabilitees. Nevertheless, participants can also serve others (wheelchair users) in the Caring Escort Service that brings positive influence for various stake holders.

SE Information:

"Life Tree" Training and Caring Escort Service
2640 1683 / 9298 6060
2640 7536
Wing A & B, G/F, Lee Wah House, Lee On Estate, Ma On Shan, NT
Funding Source:
Funded by mother organization

Product and Service

  1. "Life Tree" Training provides various career related training such as: Wheelchair operation, proper skills of lifting and transfer, communication skills, practical training about hostel service.
  2. Caring Escort Service: serve people at a reasonable price and professional manner, users can make appointment in advance and we can provide escort or wheelchair according to the need of service users.