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Waterfront Tea-Stall

About Us:

Waterfront Tea-Stall promotes the fishermen's culture and community tourism, the creation of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for disadvantaged groups such as fishermen, women and young people in Tai Po and to encourage their clients to integrate into the community so as find their own Role and value, enhance self-confidence and achieve self-reliance. 

SE Information:

Waterfront Tea-Stall
2653 0188
2650 7528
Shop 3-6, Public Pier, Promenade of Tai Po Waterfront Park, NT
Funding Source:
The Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Programme

Product and Service

Water Margin offers a unique line of ferry boat. Fishermen will take you to another point of appreciation of Tai Po District famous tourist attractions, feel the natural ecology and understand the evolution of ancient and modern.