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About Us:

Gowld Art Centre is originated from the Chinese character 覺, which contains the meaning of enlightenment and mastery of skills through the realisation from vision.

It is our mission to create an optimal atmosphere and system for our members to experience enhanced learning of sensory perception (感覺), to hone their discretionary quality (知覺) to decide and act according to one's own judgment, and to cultivate the power to reflect on oneself and develop self-awareness (自覺).

Gowld Art Centre was founded in 2017 by Kaisha Woo to facilitate arts ecology and promote arts education in Asia. Under GAC, a group of educated professionals from diverse backgrounds who are sharing the same passion are working together to push forward the goal.

We strive to serve the unmet social needs around building soft power in HK by using arts as the medium. Our focus is in nurturing youth - we define youth as anyone who has open and youthful enthusiasm to continue their journey in the creative field.

Our main beneficiaries are students who expand their scope of knowledge and experience through arts, budding local artists in HK who are looking for exposure to the public as well as additional income, and the general public whose daily lives can be more integrated with art through the diverse events and workshops GAC organizes.

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Gowld Art Centre Limited
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Unit 602, 6/F, Eastern Centre, 1065 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, HK

Product and Service

Our regular programs serve our community with quality lessons in Arts, P/E, music and Soft Skills to strengthen their senses and inspire creativity. Our curriculum is designed in a way to broaden people's perspectives, assist self-reflection and to empower the inner strength, which the collectively reinforced soft power creates social impact in the local community.

GAC reinvests the profit made from the day to day operation to provide our services to the population with less opportunities to participate in such resources in a free or subsidised manner. For example, we have connected with some local public schools in HK to provide free art
lessons and workshops to the underprivileged students. Amid Covid 19, we have continued our efforts to provide such learning experience to youth by providing virtual online classes.

GAC also regularly organizes and hosts diverse cultural events, exhibitions and workshops to provide the public more opportunities to experience art in their daily lives. For example in 2020, in collaboration with the Wanchai District Council, GAC hosted and sponsored three series of Pop-up exhibitions for budding artists to showcase their work in
the local restaurants, cafes, and bars in the Wanchai District.

It is at GAC's heart to create a sustainable environment for the art professionals to survive, sustain and strive. We work together with local artists in HK to organize and deliver diverse workshops to the public, to contribute in generating additional income for artists, and to increase exposure of their creation.

GAC is deeply devoted to nurturing the future generation of local artists in HK. GAC is currently organizing a youth exhibition and mentorship program supported by the Chinese University Social Enterprise program to provide young students the opportunity to establish their brand,
produce artworks or goods, and to present them to the public.

GAC always strives to fine tune our business for long-term sustainability. GAC ultimately aims to provide creative and interactive experience for everyone in Hong Kong, including the underprivileged, and to build a collective local artistic community to match the city’s global artistic reputation.

For additional information and reference photos, please take a look at the google drive here:

You can also access our website at
https://www.gowldart.com/special-events for previous exhibition references.

Please also visit our social media platform to take a look at our current diverse activities and program that are open to the public.