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Since the integrated education policy came into effect, many students with SEN study in mainstream schools. Those students include children with learning disabilities, autism, ADHD, etc. Theiir characteristics make it difficult for them to adapt to life in mainstream schools. Student At Home is established to help these students to integrate into the mainstream learning environment, and to adapt to life in these schools. In addition, we provide support for parents and help them solve the problemss their chrildren encounter in the course of learning. By providing students and parents with psychological counseling services and information on teaching and nurturing children, we endeavour to mitigate the pressure on parents in these respectsm so that quality of learning can be improved. Our registered social worker holds a degree in education (special needs) and provides students and parents with the services they need, 

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Student Supporting Center
9233 9164
Room 803, 8/F, Block C, Delya Industrial Centre, Shek Pai Tau Road, Tuen Mun, NT

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With the mission to enhance "whole-person development", we provide different categories of services for children with special learning needs and their parents, services include learning support, personal growth, integrated services, counselling services and treatment services.