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Extra-ordinary Human Resource Market

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By means of social economy to enable poor housewives to have decent work and to work with autonomy. Owning to their family responsibility, they have been excluded from market economy. Also, it can tackle the problem of working poor by not confining the poor housewives to work as volunteer and cheap labour that lead to their social exclusion.

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Extra-ordinary Human Resource Market
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R9-R12, Podium Floor, Wo Che Shopping Ctr., Wo Che Estate, Sha Tin, NT
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Community Investment and Inclusion Fund

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To organize and support a lot of family carers to work as co-opts in delivering community support services. Multi-services that are flexible, can be regular or ir-regular, such as escorting, after-school care, domestic support, cleaning, child-minding, postnatal care, hair dressing etc. are provided with good quality and reasonable service fee.