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"Share Moments" Cafe

About Us:

“Share Moments” Cafe of the Blue House Cluster, located at Grade I historical building in Hong Kong, is a social enterprise restaurant under St. James’ Settlement to promote healthy diet and support traditional cuisines, reconnecting diners with shops and residents in the community while enjoying delicious meals.

SE Information:

"Share Moments" Cafe
9062 8345
3104 3614
G/F, 74 Stone Nullah Lane, Wai Chai, HK
Funding Source:
Funded by mother organization

Product and Service

At “Share Moments”, fusion cuisines around the world can be found. Dishes are prepared under the principles of balanced and healthy diet. Using no MSG and low salt, sugar and oil, we adopt healthy cooking to promote the wellbeing of diners.

Lunch, sweet soup, snacks and private kitchen service are served for the community. Signature dishes include traditional sweet soup and seasonal fish menu.