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About Us:

[FruitsMaMa] is a social enterprise that collects high-quality global fruits for you, making you to enjoy a delicious and healthy life. 

We understand that the huge amount of care work causes the caregivers to become exhausted physically and mentally.  Unpaid care work has a great impact on their personal lives, works, and social participation, and put their families into financial pressures, resulting in children’s and caregivers' poverty which may further increase the burden of CSSA resources in future.

We are committed to reinvesting not less than 51% of our distributed profits every year into our business to hire grassroots family caregivers continuously, empowering them to lead the family out of the predicament, serve as new forces into the labor market, alleviate the problem of aging population, and bring benefits to society.

SE Information:

5505 3288
1/F, On Ku House, 330-332 Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Product and Service

(i) Fresh Fruit and Flower Hamper (Gift Basket/ Double Decker Gift Box )
(ii) Global Fruits in Carton/Case
(iii) Fruit Cup/Fruit Plate
(iv) Office Fruits Delivery
(v) Dried tangerine peel and/or Dried Flower Tea)
(vi) Flower Bouquet
(vii) Fruits and Vegetables Cleaning Enzyme (a multipurpose liquid that is produced from the fermentation of organic waste)
(viii) Enterprise customized gifts