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About Us:

We believe youth has the potential to push forward our society. The culture they love has content and value and is able to moisturize Hong Kong society where culture has been dried up for a long time. In the past, finance and property market had been the main development direction. There was not enough nutrients for youth culture to grow up, therefore the culture that youth loved could not produce any effect and is even recognized as low value, no prospect and informal issue. What “Hau Saang” does is to promote youth culture in order to let the society understand and identify youth culture, to raise the standard of youth culture, to maximize the number of people who participate in youth culture or even make it a sustainable ecology.

SE Information:

Rm 1506, Tamson Plaza, 161 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, KLN
Funding Source:
Asset injection from business field

Product and Service

Youth Culture developing, e.g., Skateboarding, Band Sound Music, Art, Market, Program Production etc.