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SE Directory 2020/21 (Online Version) Has Been Released

Social Enterprise Business Centre (SEBC) compiles and publishes the Social Enterprise Directory (SE Directory) every year. SE Directory 2020/21 (online version) has been released, and has been uploaded to SEBC’s website. As of May of 2020, there were 666 social enterprise (SE) units, reflecting a 2% growth from the previous year. These SE units were run by 326 organizations. 145 (44%) of them are charitable organisation (i.e. exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance), while 181 (55%) are not.

Regarding SE business nature, the first three categories that account for the most in total are Food and Beverage (15.5%), Eco Living (15.2%) and Health Care and Fitness (15.2%). Besides, there were 48 newly listed SE units. Their common obstacles are ‘High rental cost’ (26%) and ‘High production cost’ (24%). They believe ‘Organisations and corporation adopt responsible procurement policy’ (23%) and ‘Enhance public education’ (22%) are the most helpful measures that can assist SEs.

If you would like to know more about the latest SE Figure, please click here for downloading SE Directory 2020/21 – SE Figure.

You are also welcome to download SE Directory 2020/21 or use online search engine and mobile app (iOS and  Android) to search for SEs near you.