HKEX Launches ‘HKEX Impact Funding Scheme’ Funding HK$10 Million to Support Social Enterprise in Solving Social and Environmental Issues

SE Promotion

香港交易所社區項目資助計劃 資助一千萬支援社會企業 解決社會及環境問題

HKCSS, in partnership with HKEX Foundation again in setting up the HKEX Impact Funding Scheme (the Scheme). With a grant of extra HK$10 million, the Scheme supports social enterprises (SEs) to implement community projects with the mission of solving social and environmental issues. The Scheme accepts applications from eligible SEs starting from today.

The Scheme focuses on the four focus areas of the Foundation, i.e. Financial Literacy, Diversity and Inclusion, Poverty Relief and Environmental Sustainability, and with the overall aim to support SEs to undertake new practices and ideas, or enhance their current practices in order to serve and support more targeted groups, and also solve the social problems and environmental challenges.

The Scheme is opening for application from today to 30 April 2022. Please click here for more details.

Please click here for the press release.