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Good Goods Mid-Autumn Festival Highlights

Good Goods Mid-Autumn Festival Highlights

In our community, approximately one-seventh of Hong Kong citizens are the elderly. Ageing population has become a growing concern among the general public.

We believe that aging should not stand in the way of a fruitful lifestyle. Good Goods has invited Mr. Chan and Ms. Chow, two elderly artists, to design the packaging for our mooncake gift boxes (Series A1-A3).Our mooncakes are manufactured in a social enterprise operated workshop. The revenue generated will be used to support their employees who are new arrivals from mainland China and middle-aged housewives while supporting Good Goods to facilitate the well-being of elderly.

By choosing Good Goods, you can share your blessings to your families and the needy.  
Series A

A1. Full Moon - Luna Rosa Mooncake (Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste Moon Cake with 2 Yolks)

The white lotus seed paste, made by pure vegetable oil, white lotus seed and malt sugar instead of white sugar, brings a fantastic flavor to us. The formula with low sugar maintains a great balance of taste and health, suitable to the taste of health-conscious people.

A2. Reunion - Exquisite Duet Mooncake (Custard Mooncake and Custard Egg Yolk Mooncake)

The custard is made by diverse ingredients like margarine and custard powder, combined with baked pastry, creating an unforgettable flavor. BS Kitchen provides various flavors of rice dumplings, including Yummy Rice Dumplings, Lotus Seed Paste-Filled Rice Dumpling, Vegetarian Rice Dumpling with Beans, Korean Kimchi Pork Rice Dumpling, Japanese Rice Dumpling with Black Rice and Purple Potato, Rice Dumpling with Pumpkin and Duck Breast as well as Rice Dumpling with Abalone and Scallop. You can choose whatever flavor you like. With guaranteed quality, all of rice dumplings are 100% handmade in Hong Kong by rehabilitated persons.

A3. Blossom - Exquisite Quartet Mooncake (Earl Grey, Green Tea and Red Beans, Hazelnuts Chocolate and Pistachio)

“Exquisite Quartet” is a combination of traditional mooncakes and trendy tastes. Hazelnuts chocolate melts your heart with unique taste; Earl grey and pistachio flavors refresh you with extraordinary tastes; Green tea and red bean sweeten your heart and bring you an unforgettable gourmet experience. 

A4. Aroma (Mooncake with Tea Set)

Gift boxes with the collection of tea cubes and mini low sugar white lotus seed paste mooncake with yolk will also be offered for sales. The design of gift boxes is elegant with a bright red color, creating a pleasant and festive ambiance. Along with the eight mini tea cubes, while enjoying the unforgettable taste of mooncakes, the refreshing taste of the tea can balance the greasiness of the food.

Please refer to the details below for the respective order forms of our products and don’t miss our discounted promotion period! (before August 31 2017)

Series A (A1-A4 & A5-A12) - Order Form


Good Goods is launching chocolate mooncakes, which are made of chocolates imported from Switzerland and made in Hong Kong. 

Series B

Caramel with Almond Filling & Almond Sticks Mooncake: The perfect combination of crunchy nuts and sweet caramel, with the aroma of sesame seeping through the crispy biscuit layers, this mooncake will be an attractive choice for all.

Macadamia Gianduja with Feuilletine & Caramelized Nut Mooncake: With our traditional mooncake crossed over with caramel, we believe that a brand new experience will be brought to your taste buds.

Cappuccino with Wheat Crispy & Hazelnut Gianduja with Rice Crispy Mooncake: We have replaced the traditional egg yolks with hazelnuts and coated the whole mooncake with a thick layer of chocolate from Switzerland, perfectly balancing the sweetness of the hazelnuts.

Orange & Hazelnut Gianduja with Rice Crispy Mooncake: The sweetness of orange mixed with the richness and aroma of Hazelnut sauce, coupled with rice crispy, allow you to enjoy the rich texture of the chocolate mooncake, tasting the romance of Mid-Autumn Festival.

Ginger & Dark Chocolate Mousse with Croquant & Cocoa Nibs Mooncake: The combination of the sweetness of the dark chocolate and spiciness of the ginger give you an exciting experience. Along with the light touch of the sweetness of cocoa, this exquisitely designed mooncake will bring you a fusion of three different extraordinary tastes.

Macadamia Praline, Hazelnut Gianduja & Rice Crispy Mooncake: People of all ages will be addicted to the fascinating feelings created by the crunchiness of nuts and rice crispy combined with the sweetness of chocolate.

Please refer to the details below for the respective order forms of our products and don’t miss our discounted promotion period! (before August 31 2017)

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Furthermore, in the coming Mid Autumn Festival, Good Goods will partner with Caritas La Vie to promote and sell a series of mooncakes.

Caritas La Vie is a social enterprise focusing on the baking business, aiming at providing employee trainings and job opportunities for ex-mentally ill people and people with other disabilities. For the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival, trainees and bakers from Caritas La Via have designed a series of exquisite mooncakes for sale.

Series C

C1. 4 Pieces of Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Two Yolks Gift Box

Made with high quality white lotus paste and fresh yolks, the unique low sugar formula allows you to enjoy traditional tastes while keeping you fit at the same time. 

C2. 6 Pieces of Mini Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Yolk Gift Box

The exquisite mini mooncakes are the perfect Mid-Autumn Festival gift to share the pleasant and festive moments with families and friends and are also a healthy choice of celebration.

Please refer to the details below for the respective order forms of our products (before August 25 2017)

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