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Distance Business Programme Opens for Social Enterprises’ Application (Has been closed for application)

Distance Business Programme Opens for Social Enterprises’ ApplicationIntroduction of the Distance Business Programme (the D-Biz Programme)

Under the Anti-Epidemic Fund, the Innovation and Technology Commission has launched the Distance Business Programme (the D-Biz Programme) to support enterprises to adopt IT solutions to continue their business and services during the epidemic. The Hong Kong Productivity Council is the Secretariat of the Programme.

All private enterprises (excluding listed companies, statutory bodies and non-government organisations (NGOs) funded by the Government [1]) with a valid Business Registration Certificate, with ongoing business in Hong Kong commenced before 1 January 2020 and substantive business operation in the industry related to the project in the application at the time of application are eligible to apply.  For social enterprises which do not have Business Registration Certificate, they can submit a Social Enterprises Certificate issued by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) under the D-Biz Programme, in lieu of a Business Registration Certificate.

[1] It refers to NGO that receives funding from the Government on a recurrent basis but not one-off government funding.  The recurrent funding contributes towards the NGO's operational expenses, in exchange for its service to the public.  The recurrent funding may account for the bulk of the NGO's income or just be a token contribution/sponsorship forming a small percentage of the NGO's total income. 

Who can apply for a Social Enterprises Certificate?

Social enterprises which do not have Business Registration Certificate may apply for Social Enterprises Certificate issued by Social Enterprise Business Centre (SEBC) of HKCSS under the D-Biz Programme. Details of application are as follows.

Social Enterprises Certificate - Application Details

Eligibility of application

A social enterprise (SE) that

  • does NOT have a business registration certificate; and
  • is listed on the Social Enterprise Directory maintained by the HKCSS or accredited under the Social Enterprise Endorsement (SEE) Mark administered by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises (GCSE).

* SEs with Business Registration Certificate can directly submit the funding application online through the D-Biz Programme's website, and should not apply for a Social Enterprise Certificate.

Application period 

From 31 August 2020 (Monday) to 23 October 2020 (Friday) (Has been closed for application)

Application procedure

  • The eligible SEs can obtain the application form for Social Enterprises Certificate by making request to SEBC
  • Submit the following documents via email to within application period. Please state  'Apply for the D-Biz Programme - Social Enterprises Certificate' on the email subject:
    (a) the completed application form; and
    (b) the Certification of tax exemption under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Chapter 112), and
    (c) the proof of separate entity status if its parent organisation is an NGO receiving funding from the Government on a recurrent basis.
  • After verification, SEBC will issue the signed Social Enterprises Certificate to the eligible SEs via email

* SEs with valid Social Enterprises Certificate should submit application online through the D-Biz Programme's website, from 9 am on 31 August (Monday) to 6 pm on 31 October 2020 (Saturday).


Ms. WONG(2864 2993#;
Business hours: Monday to Friday 9 am to 1 pm; 2 pm to 6 pm (except public holidays)

# Please leave voice messages with providing contact details OR make enquiries by email if the line is busy.

* If your organisation or company is not operated as a SE, or a SE with a valid Business Registration Certificate, please contact the secretariat of the D-Biz Programme by phone on 2788 5070 during business hours (9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays)) or via email at