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About ACT Social Awareness Network

About ACT - A memorable experience that will change the way you look at work, society and life.

ACT Social Awareness Network, a one-stop social learning platform which organizes customized social awareness programmes for schools, organizations and corporations. It helps them discover social issues in Hong Kong and develop a stronger sense of corporate/individual social responsibility.

The mission of ACT is to achieve a WIN-WIN-WIN situation: ACT will become a sustainable programme to enhance social awareness of youth and corporate staff; schools, organizations and corporations will strengthen their commitment to social responsibility/entrepreneurship; and underprivileged groups will receive more care and attention from society.

Corporate - Staff Development/ Corporate Retreat/ Team Building

Team building

In today's business world, enterprises not only value the pursuit of financial ends, but also emphasize their contributions to the society. Knowledge of community needs and understanding of different social groups have become key components to corporate success. ACT designs and organizes training programs and leisure activities with social elements for corporate employees.

Corporate Programme Brochure:

School/ Institute - Civic Education/ Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies

To enhance social awareness of youth and provide curriculum support to teachers, ACT offers customized experiential learning activities and social tours to bridge the gap between students and social groups as well as to broaden their horizons. Our research professionals also help to offer various levels of IES/ research support for teachers and education workers.

School Booklet:


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