Mustard Seed Services Ltd.

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About Us:

Mustard Seed Services Limited was established by St. James’ Settlement and funded by ‘Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities Through Small Enterprise’ Project of Social Welfare Department (Rehabilitation). It has a mission to enhance the employment of people with disabilities in Hong Kong by providing training and employment opportunities to them through business approach.

SE Information:

Mustard Seed Services Ltd.
2117 5844
3104 3638
12-13/F, 100 Kennedy Road, Wan Chai, HK
Funding Source:
Funded by mother organization

Product and Service

  1. Tailored made food production and packaging according to customers’ special request.
  2. Develop self-owned brand pastry food.
  3. People with disabilities shall participate in the process of production, packaging and selling.
  4. Explore and develop other business opportunities that can meet our mission.