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About Us:

Teen Future set up in 2015 with a strong social mission, employing "3 low’s youth" (low education, low training, low motivation), age between 15-24 as game tester. With their "3 low's", they have constraints in entering their loved game industry. During years of reaching out youth, we found that most of our target youth talents are hidden. With just simply belief in mind, we unleash their talents & start for game & quality assurance company.

With IT leading the market, game and apps testing are the essential & take up the important part before launch & sustain in market. To speed up development cycle with fierce competition. Youth is the customer and also should be the service provider. With their input will surely benefit from the popularity. If your business can incorporate social elements by outsourcing the task for non-engaged youth, this makes the whole matter so meaningful while balancing hiring need.

Our company philosophy is to develop creative business model to solve neglected social issue. While look for business partner with CSR mission (insource & outsource), join effort to create share value. We are still doing business and have to find a sustainable and credible way to create both economic & social value.

We are adopting tripartite model with business entity, Teen Future & NGO in providing job & marginal youth as resources. We have existing QA trained staff with same mission to lead our target youth to ensure the quality for the outsource work.

Our vision is wanting Youth motivated with respect & dignity, unleash their hidden talents, further increase productivity, improve social well being & social inclusion. Our mission is to provide cheerful employment platform to Non engaged Youth & go through theory of change.

Teen Future mission on SCMP article https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/education-community/article/2058555/social-enterprise-finds-winning-formula-help

SE Information:

Teen Future Association Company Limited
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Product and Service

Our services include :

1)  Quality Assurance for game & Apps, which have been run business for 5 years. Currently, we are working with game & Apps developer in Hong Kong such as Outblaze/Animoca, Birdie, Pixio, Innopage, Cherrypicks .... etc who have been "Outsourcing" the game QA task to us. We have the successful track record over years.

2)  Customer Services in game & IT field is also one of services we provided. QA & CS are closely inter-related, Our youth equipped with QA skill set while they can also reply customer inquiry related to the game they test around promptly if they get familiar of the game. Also, our youth can also build relationship with gamer among the age peers. Win-win benefit for loyalty building & social inclusion.

3)  Programming - Website & Apps development. We have sponsor & motivate our youth leader to study Master of programming. Now we have a team for website, apps development purpose is to increase our competitiveness, wanting Teen Future to be recognize success to unleash the talents of youth despite their qualification. Incubate & level up our youth one after the other. Expand pool of youth covered.

Teen Future Video to share - Interview with Outblaze, our loyal mentoring customer from top management to middle management, partnering with Teen Future via SE journey.