i + o Styling Studio

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About Us:

i+o Styling Studio is a social enterprise under Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, it has training, internship and job opportunities to identify and establish the strengths and interests of young people in photography. Also, it provides professional photography services and photo party in studio and to community.

SE Information:

i + o Styling Studio
2870 0810 / 2874 8121
2870 0817 / 2874 7069
Room 101-116, G/F, Tung Ping House, Lei Tung Estate, Apleichau, HK
Funding Source:
Funded by mother organization

Product and Service

- Indoor shooting services: Image, Family, Graduation, BB group, Pets and Pregnancy ect.
- Photo Party: Birthday and Anniversary Party
- Elderly and Rehabilitation Centre out reaching services
- Workshops: Photo shooting, backdrop decoration and Lighting set up