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At WOUF we believe that fashion is more than just aesthetics. Fashion should bring together innovation, design and a positive world view such as social responsibility, helpful, environmental protection, caring animals, etc. Above all, fashion should make you feel good and you’ll feel even better when you wear fashion that is good.

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Product and Service

At WOUF, we are able to customise our products using hair collected from dog owners. You can gather the pet’s shed hair either from home or from your groomer. This is then thoroughly washed and cleaned by the WOUF team before being hand-spun into yarn and knitted into a unique piece of WOUF’s designer knitwear.
The product is made from a combination of Chiengora yarn and alpaca yarn, which is exceptionally soft, durable and animal friendly.
Chiengora or dog fur has been used around the world for centuries for its remarkable properties. Chiengora is 80% warmer than wool, is waterproof, durable and also incredibly soft and fluffy – perfect for clothing and accessories next to skin.