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Social Enterprise Award Scheme 2017


The Government has all along been encouraging and promoting the development of social enterprises (SEs).  In 2011, the Home Affairs Bureau (HAB) and the Social Enterprise Advisory Committee (the Organiser) organised for the first time the Social Enterprise Award Scheme in recognition of outstanding SEs which operated in Hong Kong, with the aim of sharing the best practices for the sector and promoting SE’s caring culture of “Business for Good” in the community.  This year, there will be two major categories of award under the 3rd Social Enterprise Award Scheme (the Scheme). The “Outstanding SE” Award will recognise local SEs with outstanding performance and high popularity; while the “Friends of SE” Award will commend the efforts of individuals and organisations in supporting SEs so as to encourage cross-sectoral collaboration for the development of SEs.

Categories of Awards

Part A: Outstanding SEs

Eligibility Requirements and Selection Procedures

Participating SEs / SE projects will be assessed through the following procedures:

  1. The participant must be an SE operating in Hong Kong and shall submit to the Organiser a copy of the prescribed application form (Form 1)
  2. The Organiser will make an assessment based on the information provided by participating SEs in their application forms and recommend a shortlist of entries for the Awards.  The Selection Panel, comprising representatives from different sectors, will interview the shortlisted SEs and select the awardees.  Panel members may conduct field visits to the premises of the shortlisted SEs as necessary.  Interviews and field visits are scheduled to take place between September and October 2017.


  1. “Outstanding SE Award” (one award each for the Champion, the first runner-up and the second runner-up, and three meritorious awards)
  2. “Outstanding Social Impact Award” (one award)
  3. “Outstanding Marketing Award” (one award)
  4. “Outstanding Innovation Award” (one award)
  5. “The Most Popular SE” (one award)

Assessment Criteria

For the “Outstanding SE Award”, the “Outstanding Social Impact Award”, the “Outstanding Marketing Award” and the “Outstanding Innovation Award”, the Selection Panel will make an assessment according to the following criteria:

  1. Social Impact

The participating SE is able to create significant social values, such as providing employment opportunities, products or services to the socially disadvantaged, and creating positive influence on environmental protection, community development or social culture.

  1. Financial Performance

The participating SE is able to maintain a sound financial position, operate a self-financing and sustainable business and achieve a level of competitiveness in the market.

  1. Operational Excellence

The participating SE is able to display its good management skills such as the effective use of resources and make continuous improvement in its operation.

  1. Branding and Market Management

The participating SE is able to effectively promote its services, products and social objective(s) to the public.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

The participating SE is able to maintain good customer services, evaluate and enhance its operation.

  1. Employee Satisfaction

The participating SE is able to motivate its employees and provide them with training and development opportunities to help them achieve their goals.

  1. Business Potential

The participating SE is able to display ways to boost its business and show its capability in this respect.

  1. Innovation

The participating SE is able to run an SE business and address social problems in an innovative way.

The winner of “The Most Popular SE” Award will be selected by the public through online voting and the Award will be presented to the SE with the highest votes.  The Organiser will shortlist the entries of the “Outstanding SE Award” and members of the public can vote on the Facebook page of the Scheme.  Public voting will be held between September and October 2017. 

The application form for Outstanding Social Enterprise Award (Form 1) can be downloaded from the webpage

Part B: Friends of SE

Eligibility Requirements and Selection Procedures

Candidates are required to go through the following selection procedures:

1.     A candidate shall be an individual or an organisation (including a private enterprise, professional body, academic institution, chamber of commerce or non-governmental organisation) nominated by local SEs.  Self-nomination will not be accepted.  Candidates must have provided actual support such as funding, consultancy services or publicity assistance to local SEs.
2.     Each SE may nominate a maximum of three candidates who must not be its mother organisation, directors or staff members.  The candidate and the SE nominator shall submit a copy of the prescribed nomination form (Form 2)  which must be endorsed by both the candidate and the SE nominator.
3.     The Organiser will first make an assessment based on the information provided in the nomination form.  Some of the shortlisted individuals / organisations will be invited to attend an interview to elaborate on their support provided to SEs.  Interviews are scheduled to take place between September and October 2017.


1.     Individuals or organisations that have succeeded in the assessment by the Organiser will be presented the “Friends of SE” Award.
2.     Outstanding individuals or organisations that have succeeded in the interview will be awarded the “Outstanding Mentor of Social Enterprise Award” or the “Outstanding Partner of Social Enterprise Award”, and the number of awardees will be no more than 10.

Assessment Criteria

  1. Nature of Support

The nominee provides support to SE, such as financial support and consultancy services.

  1. Sustainability of Support

The nominee provides support which can enhance the long-term development of the SE.

  1. Innovation

The nominee provides support with innovative element.

  1. Demonstration Effect

The nominee sets a good example providing support which can bring positive impact to the community.

  1. Beneficiaries

Types and number of people benefited from the support of the nominee.

  1. Benefits of Partnership

The positive externalities brought to the nominee in the mentoring and partnership with SE.

The nomination form for Friends of Social Enterprise Award (Form 2) can be downloaded from the webpage

Award Presentation Ceremony

The Award Presentation Ceremony will be held on 8 November 2017 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Notes to Candidates / Nominees and Nominators

  1. Participating SEs, candidates for the “Friends of SE” Award and the SE nominators shall ensure that all information provided in the application / nomination form is true and correct.
  2. Participating SEs, candidates for the “Friends of SE” Award and the SE nominators shall provide the necessary assistance (including the provision of supplementary information and documents for verification) to the Organiser upon request during the assessment. 
  3. All decisions made by the Organiser and the Selection Panel on issues concerning the Scheme are final and all those issues are bound by the decisions.  The Organiser reserves all rights, at its absolute discretion, to modify the rules and criteria for the Scheme.  The Organiser also has the right to withdraw or revoke any awards that have been made and presented.
  4. The Organiser has the sole discretion to decide, in such manner as it thinks fit, to disclose or publish the names and the relevant information (including photographs) of the awardees or their representatives (if any) for publicity purposes (including publicity after the Scheme).  The Organiser also reserves the right of final decision on the matters concerned.  By entering into the Scheme, it implies that participants and their representatives (if any) give consent to the disclosure and publication of the relevant information by the Organiser and agree to attend the Award Presentation Ceremony.
  5. Awardees are required to actively participate in all publicity and / or promotional activities relating to the Social Enterprise Award Scheme 2017 and share their experience of running or supporting an SE.  
  6. The personal data provided by the participating SEs, nominees for the “Friend of SE” Awards and the SE nominators will be used by the Organiser for the purpose of communication and promotion in relation to the Scheme.  Should the participating SEs, nominees for the “Friend of SE” Awards and the SE nominators wish to obtain or alter their personal data, please contact the Secretariat of the Social Enterprise Award Scheme 2017 on 2233 9399.

Please submit the completed forms to the Secretariat of “Social Enterprise Award Scheme 2017” by post, by fax or by email.


Unit K, 15/F, King Palace Plaza, 55 King Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong


2529 9956


Important Dates

Open for application/nomination

10 July 2017 (Monday)

Deadline for application/nomination      

25 August 2017 (Friday)

Interviews and Field Visits made by the Selection Panel members

Between September and                 October 2017

Announcement of Results*

Late October 2017

Award Presentation Ceremony

8 November 2017 (Wednesday)

Announcement of Results

  1. Awardees will be informed of the selection results in writing and by phone at the end of October 2017. 
  2. The Organiser will contact the awardees and obtain further information for publicity purposes.


For enquiries, please contact us through the following methods:



2529 9956

Telephone No.

Enquiry hotline (2233 9399) (Opening Hours from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday)