Social Enterprise Business Centre

Social Enterprise and You Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival Together

Social Enterprises (SEs) have prepared a variety of products and services to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with you.


Mid-Autumn Foods

Traditional Chinese food especially festive moon cake is indispensable for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Delicious and high quality festive food from SEs will be your choice. Take a look and place order now.

  1. 土作坊
    Ground Works
  2. 愛烘焙餐廳
  3. 明愛天糧包餅工房
    Caritas La Vie Bakery
  4. 銀杏館
    Gingko House
  5. hc: Bakery
  6. 共廚家作
    Sharing Kitchen


Mid-Autumn Gifts

Would like to send your greetings and blessings to your family and friends? You can make them feel special with gifts and hampers offered by SEs.

Food hampers and other gift set

  1. 悅購網
    Cheers Point Net
  2. 公平點
    Fair Circle
  3. 公平棧
  4. 生活‧好點
    Good 4 Life
  5. 好好社企
    Good Goods
  6. Leonidas
  7. Le Fournil Boulangerie Et Patisserie
  8. 手晴家
    3H Handicraft

Flowers/fruits hampers

  1. 悠‧花園 (紅磡)
    You Garden
  2. 傷青花藝舍
    Flower Workshop


For more SE restaurants and latest information, you can find them with the SE search engine of the online Social Enterprise Directory and the newly enhanced mobile app on iOS platform.