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2018 Good Goods - Lunar New Year Highlights

Good Goods - Lunar New Year Highlights

Good Goods - Lunar New Year Highlights

Good Goods presents you with over ten different gift sets for this coming Lunar New Year. They are specially handpicked for your beloved ones in this prosperous Lunar New Year. 


Series A

Products of series A, B1 and B2 are made by a local social enterprise. What deserves our attention is that the owner has hired the disadvantaged such as new Mainland arrivals, providing employment opportunities for them to integrate into society.

A1. Tai Tung Shan x Palmier (Butter flavor)

The palmiers are made of fine butter. Layers of sugar and butter create a rich and exquisite taste.

*Background scenery: Tai Tung Shan

As the third highest peak in Hong Kong, Tai Tung Shan is famous among photographers for its stone houses, Lantau Mountain Camp and silver grass. Appropriately named as the Sunset Peak, it gives unparalleled experiences in watching a sunrise and stargazing.

Transportation: Take Bus 11/23/N35 from Tung Chung Station to Pak Kung Au.

Difficulty: ★★★★☆

A2. Tai Kam Chung x Almond Puff

The almond puffs are made of fine quality almonds and butter. Its delicate layers in addition to the subtle sweetness of the almonds will definitely delight your taste buds.

*Background scenery: Pyramid Hill (Tai Kam Chung)

The prairie, with gentle slope and no blockage from trees, allows countryside lovers to enjoy the breath-taking pano-view from nearby to the faraway Sai Kung islands.

Transportation: Take the shuttle bus NR84 from Ma On Shan MTR Station to Ma On Shan Village

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

A3. Ping Fung Shan x Assorted Cookies

Assorted cookies with abundant flavours such as oat, green tea, fig, purple potato, earl grey, hazelnut and chocolate will indeed deliver blessings for your beloved ones.

*Background scenery: Ping Fung Shan

The magnificent and unending mountain range makes a great wonder from nature.

Transportation: Take Bus 275R or minibus 20R at Tai Po Market MTR Station

Difficulty: ★★★★★


Series B

B1. Kwu Tung Reservoir x Palmier (Rose Strawberry flavour)

The rose strawberry flavoured palmiers are made of fine butter. With our special recipe for baking, the palmiers are of crispy delicate layers and strawberry flavour. What can match a better gift for you and your beloved ones?

Background scenery: Kwu Tung Reservoir

It captures the picturesque sunset in Kirin Hill, where you can see the reflections of the meandering mountain on the calm water pond.

Transportation: Take Bus 76K at Sheung Shui MTR Station

Difficulty:★☆ ☆☆☆

B2. Lo Fu Wat x Spherical Crispy Biscuit (Cinnamomum &  Purple Potato flavour)

Taking a glimpse of spherical crispy biscuit with cinnamon and purple potato flavour will definitely bring you surprises with the cute outlook of biscuits imitating the lollipops. The rich flavours of cinnamon and purple potato will surely delight your taste buds.

Background scenery: Lo Fu Wat

Tread along the Plover Cove Reservoir and fall in love with the mesmerizing coast. Challenge yourself in exploring the old fishing villages and bumpy hills.

Transportation: Take Bus 75K at Tai Po Market MTR Station


B3. South Ninepin Island x Chinese Assorted Bakery Gift Set

This product is co-developed by Kwan Hong Bakery and Goodgoods. Kwan Hong Bakery has long been established over than 37 years. It mainly sells Chinese traditional cakes with a view to preserving the collective memory and passing on the Hong Kong spirit.

Chinese assorted bakery gift set includes five different types of traditional Chinese cakes. The gift set is definitely an excellent choice of gift for your beloved ones.

Egg yolk biscuits: They are small as an egg yolk but crispy as chips, with a rich flavor of egg. The simplest ingredients give its purest and most nostalgic taste.

Li-Lo biscuits: They gain national recognition starting from the small avenue of Li-Lo. Soft Chinese wax gourd paste and sesame are wrapped with crumbly bread. When costumed flour combines with crushed peanuts, the baked peanut sugar cakes are scrumptious with rich textures.

Peanut sugar cake: When costumed flour marries crushed peanuts, the baked cake is scrumptious with rich textures.

Abalone-shaped biscuits: They contain distinctive layers. What’s special is its flavor of salt and fermented bean curd.

Walnut biscuits: In Tang Dynasty, potters placed dough directly into kilns. Not only it is chewy and sweet, it also looks like a walnut, which is where it got its name.

Background scenery: South Ninepin Island

Battered by relentless waves and winds, the geo-park is unique with numerous cliffs and caves. With minimal light pollution, its starry nights stand well above par.

Transportation: Reservation boat in Lei Yue Mun



Series C

The various products below are made in Japan. Besides having a taste of Japanese flavor, this series create a festive atmosphere and can be served as a decent gift.

C1. Milk  Chocolate Crunch

Freshly out of the oven, the Japanese milk chocolate crunch is crispy, crafted with a rich flavor of milk chocolate. This exquisite mixture will leave you a lasting aftertaste.

C2. Assorted Cream Roll

The crispy assorted cream roll creates delicate layers of flavour, bringing unprecedented enjoyment.


Series D

The appealing chocolate series below are made by a local chocolate manufacturing company. The chocolate material is imported in Switzerland and the chocolate products are made in Hong Kong afterwards.

D1. Chinese New Year Round Gift Box

Our gift box with diversified sweets including Fook praline, tangerine praline, chocolate gold coin, sugar roasted almond and hazelnut dragee is well-wrapped.

D2. Chinese New Year Deluxe Chocolate Lucky Gift Box

Our gift box consists of specially handpicked sweets including Fook chocolates and assorted pralines. The delicately wrapped gift box will definitely increase your desire to give it a try.

D3. Chinese New Year Golden Gift Box

Our gift set is packed with delicious assorted pralines. The flavor and crispiness of the pralines make you hardly resist from grabbing more.


Series E

E1. Fair Trade Organic Cashew Brittle & Roasted Cashew Set

The delicately flavored cashews are packed with protein, disease-fighting vitamins and many more minerals that are essential to robust health. In addition, these cashews are specially roasted with a hint of salt to make it more tasty and crunchy. Our crispy and sweet cashew candies will certainly give you an unforgettable taste.


Series F

In this year, Good Goods partners with fair trader Lively Life to launch a series of organic rice cake products. Lively life is an organic and fair trade mini mart which aims at promoting and selling organic, fair trade and local daily products. It has gained much reputation within society since its opening.

There are 2 types of rice cake products for sales:
F1. Organic and Fair Trade Brown Sugar Rice Cake: Use organic, free trade brown sugar, delivering a chewy texture and a hint of sweetness
F2. Organic and Fair Trade Brown Sugar & Ginger Rice Cake: Use Organic, local ginger and organic, free trade brown sugar.

Both products are 100% made in Hong Kong and preservative-free/chemical additive-free

*Coupons are available for sale as well


PICKUP SERVICES from locker are now available at Good Goods Concept Store.

For any Chinese New Year product purchases, customers can now choose to pay an extra fee for locker pickup services.


Support Made in Hong Kong

Your support to us would definitely help promote the development of social enterprises (SEs) in Hong Kong and provide more training and job opportunities to the socially vulnerable groups. This would in turn enhance the confidence and competitiveness of the socially vulnerable groups and help them integrate into our society.

GoodGoods presents you our Lunar New Year gift sets and there will be definitely that suits you and your family’s taste! Please refer to the details below for the respective order forms of our products and don’t miss our discounted promotion period! (before February 2)

1.      Palmier (Butter flavor), Almond Puff and Assorted Cookies (Series A1-A3)order form

2.      Palmier (Rose Strawberry flavour), Spherical Crispy Biscuit and Chinese Assorted Bakery Gift Set (Series B1-B3) order form

3.      Milk  Chocolate Crunch and Assorted Cream Roll (Series C1-C2) order form

4.      Chinese New Year Round Gift Box, Chinese New Year Deluxe Chocolate Lucky Gift Box and Chinese New Year Golden Gift Box (Series D1- D3) order form

5.      Fair Trade Organic Cashew Brittle & Roasted Cashew Set (Series E1) order form

6.      Organic and Fair Trade Brown Sugar Rice Cake & Organic and Fair Trade Brown Sugar & Ginger Rice Cake(Series F) order form

For enquiries, please dial (852) 2876 2442/ (852) 2876 2439 or email to


*Some of the above mountain information takes reference from 「香港遊玩攻略88」、「香港攝一圈」